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Amy and Jodie met at work in 2007 and instantly became friends. Over the years their lives have unfolded in an uncanny parallel of ups and downs and the synchronicity they share is what makes them such great friends and a formidable business team!

Amy is the “method” as she brings a practical and systematic approach to business, while Jodie brings the “madness” with her creative spirit and unconventional approach to leadership and life design.

Jodie and Amy’s 7 Effect journey began as a response to (let’s be honest) a shitty time in life. In 2009 they both experienced tragedy in their personal lives. Amy lost her father and not long after Jodie’s Papa passed away, and not long before that they both had long term relationships fall apart, and both had to find their financial feet quickly and make some massive changes in life.

It wasn’t always easy and in keeping with the “let’s be honest” theme their first reaction to this “shitty time” was to escape to the bar to drink vodka all night and dance until the sun came up… not a bad survival strategy, however they soon realised that if they wanted things to change and they really wanted to live an amazing life… they had to change!

“The 7 Effect was born out of a desire to make our lives better in every way… We wanted less stress, and more fun, we wanted more time to spend with the people we love and more money to live life as an adventure. Ultimately we started the business to do less wishing and more achieving!”


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