Ultimate Life Planning Workshop

Sat 2nd Dec 2017 | Burnside Community Centre Hall



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If you've ever thought "I need to sort my life out!" or if you've ever felt stuck or confused about who you are, and what you want then this workshop is a MUST!

Research shows that more and more people are suffering from stress as a result of being busy and feeling rushed all the time. Being trapped in this reactive state is not only catastrophic for our mental wellbeing it snowballs into all other aspects of life including our physical health, our relationships and general quality of life.

If you're worried that life's passing you or that you're not living to your full potential then it's time to invest a day and design your life.

During this intensive one day workshop, Jodie & Amy to co-founders of The 7 Effect will give you all the tools you need to get unstuck and not only design but live your ultimate life.


During the workshop you will:

Learn how The 7 Elements of Life impact everything you do

Unblock that one big thing that's holding you back and start moving forward

Discover how to train your brain for success with 3 powerfully effective NLP techniques

Use The Ultimate Life Planning blueprint to design your best year ever!

The Ultimate Life Planning Workshop will stretch your beliefs about what you can achieve and show you how to put “LIVING” back into your personal life.

The when and where


Burnside Community Centre Hall, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore 5065

Time:            9.30am - 5.30pm

When:          Saturday 2nd December 2017

The venue is located adjacent to Burnside Shopping Centre for lunch provisions.

Take a day - design your life!


Here's what people are saying about the workshop



Here’s what you’ll do on the day:

Decide what you really want with an ideal life design

Find out what's been holding you back

Complete the The 7 Effect Life Audit

Remove any psychological hand brakes you place on yourself

Set clear goals across all 7 Elements of your life

Identify habits to break…and habits to make

Get focused with a personal Life Plan

Identify your personal values

Move from procrastination and avoidance to clarity and accomplishment

You'll get everything you need!


" "What a team! Amy and Jodie from The 7effect provided a great all-day Ultimate Life Planning Workshop which has helped me clarify what I want in life and most importantly helped me on my way to making it real. Thanks ladies for such a great day and for providing it in such an honest and authentic way. Highly recommend!""

Belinda Wade

"“I found Saturday's workshop really valuable and got a whole new level of energy from the experience. I have already started on my goals. Thanks again for the work you two put into this - I know it is a business but it obviously means a lot more to you than that and it comes through. I am already using a lots of the tools and tips at work to help my team too - it provides a great framework for professional development and performance review discussions that allows me to put them as people at the centre of the discussions rather than the work duties.”"

Alison Jones

""I came in feeling confused & lacking direction, & walked away feeling hopeful and inspired. I've learnt a lot about myself from going through this process.""


"“I am a big goal setter and believe in self-improvement as a part of life. I had reached a lot of my long term goals and was feeling I had lost direction and wasn’t sure what was next. Completing the life planning workshop gave me the tools to reset the goal posts and learn to re-evaluate and enjoy my achievements instead of always thinking what’s next. I recommend this day to anyone who is feeling a bit stuck, feel more fulfilled and to just give your life the kick start it might need.”"

Anthony Clarke

"“I thought the format and implementation of the workshop was great. Thank you for the day, 2017 is going to the best year ever because I will make it happen!”"

Tara Kneebone

"“I really loved the enthusiasm and humour throughout the workshop. It was very interactive and taught me skills that I can take away, rather than feeling motivated on the day but not following through in the future when I am by myself. The thing I liked most about the workshop was how genuine Jodie and Amy are. By sharing their flaws and experiences it really made me feel at ease sharing mine. The workshop was really well organised, with good division of time between listening and interacting. The exercises were great, and I found myself very surprised by some of my answers!”"

Danielle Martin

"“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which allowed me to focus to determine the future direction of my life. Jodie provided many anecdotes which made the session engaging and enjoyable. Wonderful session that provided valuable time and input to help me get clarity on my goals. Loved Jodie's presenting style which made it fun and engaging.”"

Angela Congdon

"“Open honest & revealing”"

Peter Appleyard

"“I left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated and focused on what I want to achieve in life and ways to go about achieving it! Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and you have the right plan!”"

Sally Pallett

"I just really needed a boost and some extra motivation to sort the spare room and now it has prompted me to do all the other things on my list. Also I set goals every year after working with a coach so this was a great opportunity to smash those out. Feeling excited for 2017! I loved the way Jodie engaged the group with real experiences from her life - I think it enables the crowd to trust and know she's a 'normal' person just like everyone else and to feel more open and comfortable in that environment.”"

Lauren Moore

"Jodi's presentation of the day was highly motivational, inspirational and engaging. The day has left a lasting impression on me and provided useful tips to use moving forward."

Samone Riding

"I left the Ultimate Life Planning workshop feeling confident that I had the tools to tweak the areas of my life that needed more attention and motivated to use the course content to focus my attention."

Marg Edgecombe




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