Let’s get this straight: if you’re looking for plain-old, textbook-style leadership strategies and training, we’re not the coaches and facilitators for you.

We do transformational leadership with a twist.


If you want your managers and people leaders to say “That was the most impactful leadership training I have ever done”, then we might be the facilitators for you.

Now we don’t say that to stroke our ego...that’s usually what is written in the feedback forms!

At the 7 Effect, our leadership education harnesses the latest research on high performance workplaces, effective leadership

principles, and positive psychology to provide your people with the tools and skills to continuously improve your workplace culture and performance.  We equip them with the tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations and give them the skills to inspire and empower others.

Everything we do is about providing people and organisations with the confidence and clarity to achieve organisational goals, be genuinely happy and sustain high levels of resilience, performance and wellbeing. 

Our education provides leaders with a comprehensive understanding of human psychology so that they can be more effective in their roles and more easily solve organisational challenges.  

We teach people how to get beneath the surface and resolve issues by addressing the root cause so that “common people problems” become a thing of the past.

Experience and research tells us that leaders are more effective at work and in life when they have the confidence and competence to develop strong healthy relationships and facilitate open honest communication.

It’s about  putting down “the rule book” and leading with a clear head and courageous heart!

And we know it works… because we measure our results.

Our program success comes from consistently measuring what matters and linking transformational leadership training back to each organisation's internal strategy, pillars, measures and checkpoints.

Every program begins by establishing 5 - 7 SMARTA targets, which will then be measured and reported on monthly to track progress and ensure demonstrated growth is achieved.  

But there’s a secret ingredient to why our leadership training is so successful (and transformational).

Want to know what it is?

After working with hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders across Australia and New Zealand, we designed a new and unconventional approach to partnering with organisations and developing leaders that would deliver lasting change and true transformation.

Unlike most other programs and providers, we effectively become part of your team for the duration of the partnership.

That means that we are available to your people for support and advice outside of the classroom to act as a coach and consultant and offer additional guidance and support as and when it’s needed.

This ensures what we’re teaching sticks and your organisation sees lasting results.

Ready to see how we can transform your workforce?

Coach in residence

Have an expert coach on site and available to your staff to offer career coaching, leadership development, health and wellbeing coaching, NLP or hypnosis breakthroughs!

Internal Goals Club

Bring the magic of Goals Club into your organisation and inspire your people to engage with life and their role at a much higher level. A wonderful high performance reward and recognition program.

12 Month High Performance partnerships

Solve all your people and performance problems with a 12 month results driven partnership. Custom workshops, seminars and programs to improve leadership, culture and performance

The Leadership Audit

A reality check on where you are now, and a window into discovering where you want to be.

(Ultimate Performance) Planing

Permission to imagine and design your ultimate organisation.

12 Month Plan

Mapping out what you can and will achieve in the next 12 months.


Helping you become laser focused on exactly what you want, and how you will achieve it - fast.

Monthly Actions

Regular coaching and checkpoints for guaranteed results and ongoing accountability so that you never quit.  

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