What does your day to day life look like?

Here’s a peek inside ours!

When she’s not overseas indulging in her love of travel, most days you’ll find Jodie practicing yoga, riding her bike along the beach or satisfying her thirst for growth and knowledge studying under the global masters.

Meanwhile, Amy will be working up a sweat in the gym, cuddling her fur babies, dreaming up plans to build a hobby farm for rescue animals or catching up on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Sounds pretty good, right?

It’s a tough life but someone’s gotta do it.

Right now, we’re probably sipping green smoothies (or vodka, lime and sodas) dreaming up ways we can do even more to help people like you achieve their goals, love their life and be free!

Because that’s how we live.

Our mission is simple: we help people live life by design (not default) and we help business owners earn 6-figures a year doing work they love.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means we know how to help you design your dream life and create a thriving, successful business that doesn’t require you to work long hours or make huge sacrifices to make it happen.

Now if you’re thinking, “Yeah, that sounds too good to be true” then you’re not alone.

When we decided we wanted to build a business where we could keep our 6-figure incomes, but only work 3 days a week, and take all the school holidays off, most people thought we were crazy.

People would scoff and say: “If that was possible, we’d all be doing it.”


Guess what? It was possible.  

We’ve built a 6-figure business that gives us the financial freedom to do what we want, when we want.

And working our butts off and “hustle” had nothing to do with it.


Which begs the question: how did we do it?

Let our story be a shining example of what is possible when you decide to show up, chase your dreams, set goals and be accountable.

There were three major phases of personal growth that helped us get to where we are today and it all started around Jodie’s dining room table with seven friends and a Goals Club.


In 2009, we stopped dreaming about how life could be and started designing our dream lives. Our first move? To launch a ‘Goals Club’ with seven friends. The idea was simple: we’d meet monthly, set goals, hold each other accountable, share ideas and take action. We grabbed life with both hands and took massive action towards our goals, and the results were life-changing. Everyone in the group improved their health, relationships and lives dramatically and went on to tick ‘big hairy audacious goals’ off their dream lists.


By 2010 we stepped up as leaders - in life, and in our careers. Achieving all our personal goals was an invigorating confidence booster, our success expanded our horizons and we started to believe we could achieve more. We invested in our personal growth and became more focused on our purpose or mission in life. We became more passionate about our work and we took 100% responsibility for our own success. We became visionary, optimistic, and results-focused, which led to promotions, pay rises and exciting new job offers.


In 2014, we set a goal to quit our jobs, and launch a lifestyle business that would replace our 6-figure corporate income and give us back our freedom. We decided Tuesday to Thursday would be our new 3-day work week, and that we would take all the school holidays off. As coaches and educators driven by results and working with clients we love, we smashed our goals and made over $154,000 in our first year of business and almost doubled that in year two!

Since that very first goals club in 2009 we have….

✓ Completely transformed our health from the inside out by giving up bad habits and embracing healthy habits that keep us healthy, happy and full of energy.

✓ Gone from a couple of desperate and dateless chicks who were looking for love in all the wrong places to finding real and lasting love with our own version of Mr Right.

✓ Quit our jobs and built a 6-figure business that not only replaced our corporate salaries but is on track to become a multiple 7-figure business by 2020.

✓ Used property as an investment strategy to generate passive income and build up our own investment portfolios worth over $1 million each.Travelled the world for business and pleasure and have been to some amazing places like Disneyland, Phuket, North America, Fiji, Italy and New Zealand just to name a few!

✓ Published our debut book ‘The 7 Effect: The working mums guide to quitting her job & building a 6-figure lifestyle business’.

✓ Helped hundreds of business owners and thousands of leaders around the world start living life and doing business by design, not default.

✓ Helped our clients launch new businesses, speak on stages, achieve personal goals they thought were impossible, negotiate career leaps, travel the world, and much much more.

…. Which brings us to the here and now

We work with clients around the world who crave the same things we did in 2009: more freedom, fun and fulfillment.

And we introduce them to a whole new way of approaching life and business.

Our clients come to us seeking clarity, confidence and success in life and in business. But what they really need is accountability and direction, and their greatest underlying problem, which they are not usually aware of, is their beliefs construct.

Correcting all that is our forte!

As trained coaches, hypnotists and NLP Masters, we give you the tools to rewire your brain and the practices that build belief systems that make you unstoppable - so that you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

Whether you want to reignite your passion for life, or you want to quit your day job and grow a business, we help you make it happen, while bringing more fun and impact to your life.

Wanna know what lights us up?

The relief and excitement on our client’s faces after a session with us.

We love the physical ‘ahhhh’ and ‘light bulb moments’ that we help our clients reach and we love seeing our clients go out into the world with the belief system that they can do anything - because they can.

And just who are we?

Jodie Nevid

Jodie believes in living life to its fullest and is passionate about helping others live life in the fun lane. Renowned as one of the best facilitators in her field, Jodie will call you out on your stuff, especially when she knows you’re capable of more. A rebellious serial entrepreneur, Jodie injects her creativity, unconventional style of leadership and life design to the world of business consulting, coaching and facilitation.

Amy Slattery

Amy is a systems and simplification master. She helps business owners who feel lost or overwhelmed by the tech side of their business get the most out of the software they already have at their fingertips. She has a knack for making sense of chaos and setting up systems and structures that are effective, streamlined and simple to use. She knows how to navigate through tricky situations to solve people and task-based problems.

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