Did you know there’s one thing that holds business owners back from earning 6-figures and becoming financially free?


Warning: This information is important if you want to grow a 6-figure business.




Want to know what it is?

Well, before we tell you, can we ask you a quick question?

If you’re currently in business or you’re thinking about quitting your 9 to 5 to start a business…. do any of these apply to you?

  • You always feel rushed and busy, like you’re drowning in a sea of too much to do, with no time to actually grow your business (or think about it).

  • You feel like life is unnecessarily busy with little to no financial results to show for it.

  • You constantly feel like there’s so much more to learn, like the latest Facebook Advertising trick or funnel technique, so you spend all your time learning rather than taking action.

  • There’s always one more detail you need to organise or one more thing you need to finish before you can start making money and increasing your profitability.

  • You get paralysed by the fear of judgement that comes with self doubt and often think “Am I good enough to do this?”

  • You feel scared and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of business and every decision feels like an all or nothing roll of the dice, so you never take massive action, or you feel scared because previous businesses haven’t worked.

  • You dream of “one day” having that elusive work life balance so that you can stop rushing and start living but it just seems too good to be true.

  • If you’re currently in business or you’re thinking about quitting your 9 to 5 to start a business….


Be honest… Do any of these make you think “yep, that’s me in a nutshell?”

If you said “yes” you’re not alone.

But the good news is, there’s one underlying problem that can fix all of these issues and help you create the 6-figure business you’ve always dreamed about.

And it’s something you’re probably not even aware of.


Ready to find out what it is? And how it impacts everything?


It’s your mindset.

Your beliefs system.

It's the way you think.


Now you might be thinking:

“Mindset can’t make that much of a difference to your business…”

But it can.

We know from our own experience (and the 100+ business owners we’ve helped) that the key to business success is rewiring your brain to think like a 6-figure business owner.

That’s because the way we think about our business impacts how we feel about our business.  

And the way we feel about our business defines the kind of action we take to grow it.

And the action we take equals the results we get!

Your results reinforce your initial thoughts so they become self-fulfilling prophecies. And after proving yourself right over and over again, your thoughts become your beliefs.

Beliefs then become your everyday thoughts that drive every decision you make about your business and impact the way you approach every sales call, every email, every proposal, every client - every aspect of your business.

It’s a chain reaction that will ultimately decide the fate of your business.

So if you want 6-figure results, doesn’t it make sense that you need a 6-figure mindset?

Need more proof?

Let’s look at what happens when you don’t think like a 6-figure business owner.

         ✔ You wrestle with self-doubt on a daily basis and second guess every aspect of your business.

        ✔ You get stuck working in your business, working long hours and putting yourself on a path to frustration, burn out and failure.

        ✔ Your value is dependent on the time and effort you put in and as a result working longer hours is your only strategy to grow your income.

        ✔ You make yourself so ‘busy’ that you’re always one project away from chasing your dream, instead of taking massive action towards it.

Want to know what happens when you start thinking, feeling and acting like a 6-figure lifestyle business owner?

You’re able to get more done with less stress, less chaos and less overwhelm.

When you ditch your self-sabotaging mindset for good you get crystal clear on what you need to do to scale your business to 6-figures and work part time.

You’re able to focus on work that you love and build a profitable business that doesn’t require you to work all day and all night.

And the best part?

You have time for midday yoga and beach walks with friends!

Full disclosure: We’re not suggesting it is all easy peasy. The truth is growing a 6-figure business takes an immense amounts of guts and courage.

But once you have a 6-figure business mindset and you have the determination to lean into your fears, take risks and challenge the status quo, you become unstoppable.


But making that change to become a 6-figure business owner on your own is no walk in the park.

It’s harder than you think.

That’s because you can’t learn a 6-figure mindset overnight.
You can’t listen to one podcast and all of a sudden you’ve “learned” your way to the results you want.

Learning “more” won’t help you get off the hamster wheel of working around-the-clock.

You don’t need more information, you need a total mindset transformation.

You need to completely rewire the way you think and act about about business, money and time.

You need to flip your thinking about how you earn money and how you grow your business, and you need to be surrounded by people who are succeeding not struggling.

If you try and do it all on your own, chances are you’ll give up believing it’s impossible and you’ll retreat to your comfort zone again with that safe and secure but horribly unsatisfying job.

Only once you’ve transformed your mindset and belief structures and you have a tried and tested step-by-step plan to follow will you be able to become the 6-figure business owner you’ve always wanted to become.

And we can help you become that 6-figure business owner.

And here’s how...



The 7 Effect’s Lifestyle Business Builder program


A two year transformational business building program for consultants, coaches and experts who want to earn 6-figures a year doing work they love.

Discover exactly how to turn your existing skills, knowledge and experience into a genuine lifestyle business where you can earn 6-figures a year working part-time as a coach, consultant or expert.

The Lifestyle Business Builder program walks you through the exact same steps we used to build The 7 Effect, and gives you our entire 6-figure business blueprint, coaching toolkit, sales templates, and much more.

It’s about changing your business and life forever, as we show you (and give you!) everything it takes to build a 6-figure lifestyle business.


Lifestyle Business Builders isn’t a business course like all the others out there.

It’s a transformational business building program that will take you from overwhelmed and overworked, to an unstoppable 6-figure coach, consultant or expert       

           ✔ Learn how to quit your job and   build a 6-figure lifestyle business doing what you love.
           ✔ Discover the self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that any   fears of failure are erased, never holding you back again.
          ✔ Get clarity so that you can focus on the right things and stop wasting precious time.
          ✔ Get all the processes and support that you need to build a smart business that works for you so you can finally stop rushing and start enjoying your life.

Just like it’s done for these Lifestyle Business Builders….

“Working with Amy and Jodie has been nothing short of inspiring. They provide me with motivation when doubt starts to creep in and have helped me think outside the square when it comes to my products and services. They have taken me from dreamer to doer and are just simply amazing ladies to work with. I give them 10 out 10!” 

Rosie Bartlett - Founder Mindseye Training & Consulting

“I first met Jodie and Amy at a coaching masterclass that they were running and immediately wanted to a) do what they were doing!! and b) get around them and soak up some of their extensive knowledge and wisdom. They were wonderfully supportive and encouraging of me through that journey and twelve months later I had launched my business and joined their business builder community. Starting your own business can be lonely, scary and overwhelming. I had regular moments of self doubt, imposter syndrome and ‘holy crap I have no idea what I’m doing!!’ Jodie and Amy were there the whole way to help me feel supported and kick me in the butt when required. This fast tracked my success well beyond what I initially believed possible. With their honest and real approach nothing is off limits and it ends up feeling like they’re just a couple of (very clever) friends who are there to pull you along, high five you when you’re nailing it and pick you back up when you inevitably fall. What they do is unique and truly impactful.”

Tamsin Kate Simound - Lifestyle Business Builder

Founder Tamsin Kate Performance Coach & Mind Trainer

When I reflect on the the phenomenal personal and professional growth I’ve experienced in the last 6 months with your coaching and guidance in The Lifestyle Business Builder program I feel exceptionally proud. I have been able to go from floundering around with an idea to being really clear on what I want, how I’ll do it and more importantly why I want it!   Jodie and Amy’s point of difference is about belief - through challenging my own limiting beliefs and providing unconditional positive regard for the people they work with. I feel so grateful to have found and be working with  The 7 Effect and wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Sarah Choyce - Lifestyle Business Builder

Founder Thrive Rural

Choose your Lifestyle Business Builder Package

And it’s not just about mastering your mindset.

We give you the practical tools and expertise to grow a 6-figure business.

Over two years we will completely transform the way you approach your business turning you into a high value 6- coach, consultant or expert who has an amazing life and works 3 days (or less) a week doing what you love.

But that’s only the beginning…

When you join Lifestyle Business Builders you also get:

VIP access to sought after international business and life coach Jodie Nevid who will give you the tools to completely rewire your brain, put you on the fast track to success and help you create the belief systems that will make you unstoppable.

Value-packed sessions with automation experts who will help you put your business on autopilot so that you can say goodbye to rushing and say hello to working three days a week.

Highly valuable training sessions with PR and copywriting gurus who will help you reach the right people with your message and increase your profile so that you can attract the kind of clients you’ve always wanted.

Access to a real business community and a supportive business network so that it never feels like you’re on this journey alone.

The entire 7 Effect Coaching & Consulting Toolkit to use with your own clients so you can increase your value, deliver results and make a massive impact.

The exact same proposal templates we used to earn over $150,000 in our first year of business with just a handful of clients.

Lifetime access to the online business building library with countless hours of well organised and structured step by step video tutorials, checklists, workbooks, and business templates.

Up close and personal support with weekly group coaching sessions that dig deep into your business and beliefs.

Accountability coaching and monthly goal setting so you never give up or get bogged down in your own excuses and distractions.

Monthly Masterclasses with our world-class team of 6 and 7-figure Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who will share their secrets, answer your questions and teach you how to succeed in business.

Regular video challenges to stretch your comfort zone and develop your video skills so you can expand your reach and confidently share your authentic message with the world.

A whole bunch of new best friends in life and in business who you laugh with, learn with and form valuable business collaborations with.

A personal commitment from our co-founder Jodie who will hold your hand, cheer you on, and give you loving kicks up the bum all the way to the end, because her goal is to make sure you achieve your goals and start living your dream life!

Now you might be thinking:

“This just sounds like another course I don’t have time for”.

But that’s where you’re wrong...

Lifestyle Business Builder coaching program is:

Not an expensive online course that you buy and never use. It’s a total transformation.
X Not a group program where you have to jump through hoops and send multiple follow up emails to talk to the course creators.
X Not a membership site where you get dumped into a Facebook group, only to be overwhelmed by all the noise and left to your own devices.
X Not a woo-woo thing where we pretend crystals and secret “goddess powers” can help you build a 6-figure business.

But it is….

 A business builder program that eliminates overwhelm and makes it easier for you to create the 6-figure lifestyle business you’ve always dreamed of.
 Designed to transform your mindset and approach to business and life so that you can create massive momentum and lasting results.
A hands-on and intimate group of business owners with VIP access to the founders who are only a Zoom call away.
A business coach/accountability partner like no other so that you never give up and a fear of failure becomes a distinct memory.

It’s not about giving you more stuff to do...

It’s about helping you focus on what you need to do to build a 6-figure business.

And we know it works because it worked for us!

In 2013, we felt trapped in the corporate world and chained to the golden handcuffs of our 6-figure incomes.

As best friends, we’d often dream of a life filled with freedom, fun and an abundance of time to spend with family and friends. We had big dreams to travel the world, improve our health, learn new skills from global masters and most importantly become financially free.

We wanted a business that would allow us to do what we love, replace our 6-figure incomes, work 3 days a week (Tuesday -Thursday), take all the school holidays off and travel overseas every year.

And in 2014 we made it happen!

We made  6-figures in our first year and now we help coaches, consultants and experts do the same.

By now you’re probably thinking...

“How much is Lifestyle Business Builder going to cost me?”

Enrollments for the Lifestyle Business Builder open between October and February.

==>> Click here to find out more


Are you ready to build the lifestyle business you’ve always dreamed about (and add another zero or two to your bottom line?)  If so, we’d love to help!

This is your invitation to partner with us to break free from the rat race and become financially free doing what you love!

Enrol today in Lifestyle Business Builder.



So now you are faced with a choice...

The first option is to stay where you are.

To keep learning, pushing and hoping for results. 

This option will see you “thinking about it”  your dream instead of taking massive action towards it. 

The thing is, where you are now is fine.

But by now you should know that 6-figure business owners like us don’t do “fine”.


The only way to become a 6-figure business owner is to leave “fine” behind and say “yes”.

  •  “Yes” to growing your business with the help of people who have walked in your shoes.

  •  “Yes” to making a bigger impact on the world, and “yes” to creating the life and business you’ve always dreamed about.


If you want to build a 6-figure business, you need to take action and become deliberate about where your time and money is going.


We already know you’re not where you want to be today, so where will you be tomorrow?

Same place, different day?

Struggling, exhausted and burnt out?

Struggling, exhausted and burnt out are three things we won’t let you become inside Lifestyle Business Builder.

So what is it going to be? 

More late nights, hurdles, more juggling?

Or a proven system and a supportive group coaching program that holds your hand every step of the way while you build a 6 figure lifestyle business that allows you to work 3 days a week?

So, what will it be?

Make a decision. Either way.

Because 6-figure business owners make decisions.

"Whether you're a seasoned leader or in a new position in life that’s calling for bold, authentic leadership, there is a certain magic to the realness in how Jodie and Amy will provide you with a structure for success, whilst challenging the status quo. There is no boring stuffy bits happening in their space, and lm absolutely confident your sense of empowerment will be well grounded and your life will be enriched in all ways through your experience with The 7 Effect". With love and appreciation...

Helen O'Neill - Lifestyle Business Builder

Entrepreneur & Founder BEing BOLD Int


"Stepping out into my own business I wanted to make sure I was surrounding myself with people who had already walked the talk and achieved success. Most importantly though I wanted to partner with people who I could turn to for a range of advice, but who could also get me back on track when the emotional roller-coaster started to take over as I entered new terrain. Jodie and Amy bring a complete set of skills that a business owner needs especially during start-up. What I also love is there ability to take all of my ideas and help me distil it into a message that will resonate with my client base." 


Ruth Morgan - Lifestyle Business Builder

Founder Creating Healthy Careers

Jodie and Amy have such enthusiasm and passion for their lives. They are dedicated to making a difference and inspiring growth.  The 7 Effect bring a sense of fun and candour to their development sessions, they are a truly inspirational. I have had the benefit of Jodie and Amy’s guidance, sound business advice and friendship as a participant on many of their programs. 

Kathryn Houghton - Lifestyle Business Builder 

Founder Leadership for Life

Let’s make that decision easier for you.

If you’re still on the fence and want to find out if Lifestyle Business Builders is the right fit for you and your business, let’s talk about it!

We offer no-obligation and free business building strategy calls (valued at $450) where we explore your current business goals and challenges.

This call won’t cost you a cent and there are no strings attached but it will give you a free coaching and business building session valued at $450.

Request your FREE business building strategy call and very soon you could be on your way to having your very own 6-figure lifestyle business. One that allows you to do what you love, work part time and become financially free.

Request your FREE Business Building Strategy Call Now

Got questions? Here’s what others have asked!

Most mastermind programs that include this type of regular personal support from business coaches are priced anywhere from $20,000 - $50,000 per year, and that's not including the online video program and tool kit. We know those prices are crazy, and inaccessible for most. That's why we’ve come up with three different packages to make Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery absolutely affordable and accessible to anyone who is serious about building a profitable and successful lifestyle business.

The Lifestyle Business Builder program is not a theoretical study program that will have you drowning in pointless assignments and to-do lists that get you nowhere fast. The Lifestyle Business Builder is designed to save you time by shifting your focus onto the things that work. Everything you need to do is mapped out in a step by step approach, you can join the dots from beginning to end or you can jump straight into the modules that are most relevant to you now.

Need to deliver a keynote? Jump to the bonus module on delivering keynote presentations.


Stuck on how to market your business and connect with your ideal clients? Go directly to the module on how to attract your perfect client.


Not sure how to design and build 6-figure products and services? Make a beeline for the Products & Services module.


Got a proposal to develop? Download our proposal templates and get it done easily.


The time you spend in the program is up to you. The more time you invest in building your business the more your business will reward you.


And because you have VIP access to serial entrepreneur, investor and co-founder Jodie you will never, ever be alone in business again!


Imagine how much time all these shortcuts will save you.

Absolutely! So there is no risk to you we offer our ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you can jump into the program, road test it for 30 days and if for any reason whatsoever you don’t feel like it is the right fit for you, then we give you a full refund.


No questions asked.

Of course! We are here to answer your questions. If you want to know if your and your business, or business idea are a fit for the program book a FREE business strategy session below valued at $450.


<Link to book a session>

Or if you have a simple question you just want a straight answer to send us an email hello@the7effect.com and one of our team we’ll be in touch.


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