An Intimate Retreat For Leaders & Business Owners To Rewire, Recharge and Reboot

Aug 2 - Aug 9

Komune Resort, Bali 



Leave your troubles behind and take a break from the daily grind to immerse yourself in a full week of learning, replenishing and expanding


Rewire Your Brain - Recharge Your Body - Reboot Your Business & Your Life


Over 7 days and 7 nights serial lifestyle entrepreneur and co-founder of The 7 Effect, Jodie Nevid will take you on a journey of personal and professional growth where you will transform from the inside out.

The Brain, Body, Business Retreat is a unique experience that introduces you to a combination of ancient life enhancing longevity practices, modern phycology techniques and world-class wealth building strategies that will inspire you to reconnect with your dharma (your purpose) and live your best life!

You don't have to be a business owner to enjoy the Brain Body Business Retreat because let's face it, living your best life is your business!

On the retreat you will learn how to:

  • Set yourself up for success each day with the Miracle Morning
  • Use meditation to quickly and easily quite and calm your mind
  • Train your brain to achieve your goals with Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Nourish and nurture your body so it naturally recovers and heals itself
  • Eliminate toxicity from your life and feel lighter and more energised
  • Master the art of communication, connection and influence
  • Share your message to inspire action and expansion in others
  • Master the art of stress-free productivity with the GTD (Get Things Done) method
  • Develop a mindset for making money and building wealth
  • Embrace living the 80/20 way so you can earn more and work less
  • Map out your own unique path to a life of freedom and abundance


The Brain Body Business Retreat gives you the space, time and tools you need  to experience yourself, and your life in a whole new light.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you!"

Anne Lamott

Who is The Brain Body Business Retreat For?

This is an intimate and exclusive experience designed for:

  • Leaders who want to take their career and their life to the next level by working smarter instead of working harder
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who want to live a rich, healthy and fulfilling life
  • Business owners who want to bounce back from burnout and eliminate the stress from their work and life
  • Anyone with the courage to live a life of purpose and become financially, mentally and emotionally free.

The Brain Body Business Retreat is not an event where you will get lost in the crowd. With a maximum of only 15 places available you will benefit from being able to work up close and personally with Jodie and her team every day and delve deep into your personal and professional goals, passions and dharma (life’s purpose).

The retreat offers you the perfect mix of deep intense work and plenty of spare time to unwind, relax and do whatever your heart desires.

Imagine unplugging from the daily grind in tropical paradise to reconnect with what you really want in life and in business.


Here’s what to expect:

Every day starts bright and early with your Miracle Morning which includes rituals to clear your mind, energise your body, and unlock hidden potential.

Your retreat package includes all your meals so you can nourish and replenish your body with delicious plant based food lovingly prepared by the gourmet chef.

Unwind in your own beautiful private room and enjoy 7 nights accommodation at the luxury beach front Komune Resort. (*Upgrade to a private luxury villa for an additional $1,500 where available)

Expand your mind and design your life during daily education sessions packed with ancient techniques and modern life hacks that will help you rewire your brain, recharge your body and reboot your business and life.

Establish new habits and create change that lasts with intensive group coaching and NLP work that will delve into your unconscious mind, bust through limiting beliefs, and program you for success.

Release your tension with three divine in house massages that will restore and revitalise every cell in your body.

Pack your camera and experience Bali like never before as we venture out on two mind-blowing all day adventure excursions.

Retreat on your terms with plenty of free time between sessions and relax by the pool, barter for a bargain, or unwind in anyway your heart desires!

Brain Body Business Bali Retreat

Aug 2 at 5 PM – Aug 9 at 11 AM

The stunning Komune Resort on the lush and unspoilt East Coast of Bali



Imagine unplugging from the daily grind in tropical paradise to reconnect with what you really want in life and in business.





Your investment includes EVERYTHING you need to have an amazing experience once you land. All you need to do is book your flights!

The Brain-Body-Business Bali Retreat. Starting at only $3990p.p! 

PLUS, book in June and get our Private Lifestyle & Business Coaching Packages for FREE! Valued at over $1290!


After attending the Brain Body Business Bali Retreat you will leave with:

A mind and body programmed for success and happiness

A renewed sense of health, energy and vitality

An understanding of how to nurture your body so it can heal itself

A powerful toolkit that will allow you to scale up in business and in life

 A personalised 80/20 plan that will allow you to earn more and work less

The ability to communicate from your heart and inspire others to act

A clear plan on how to become financially, mentally and emotionally free!

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t, if you don't own a business we see your life and/or your job as your business. The common goal everyone at the retreat is aligned on is the desire to live their best life and become free, Jodie and the team will teach you how to do that in a way that is aligned to your own personal goals, strengths and style.

No, the retreat package is all inclusive, please see the long list of inclusions above. All you need to do is book your flights to Ngurah Rai international airport in Denpasar, Indonesia.

The retreat begins with check from 3pm August 2nd and the experience opens with a welcome feast and celebration dinner. If you cannot get a flight from your city to arrive during the day on August the 2nd you may wish to travel over on August 1st and stay one extra night.

Yes of course! If you wish to stay in Bali for extra nights before of after the retreat we can arrange for transfers to and from your location in Bali if we are not collecting you from the airport.

Yes, if you are coming alone then you will have your own private room with bathroom at the beautiful Komune Resort where the retreat is held and your room comes with it’s own private bathroom.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and fir the duration of the retreat you will be eating delicious healthy vegetarian plant based meals. You have free selection from the full plant based and vegetarian menu at Komune. Meals are also included on the day trips.

The weather in Bali is warm so pack lightly, bathers, sarong, casual light clothing and your passport.

If you are an Australia citizen you can visit Bali for up to 30 days without a Visa, if you plan to stay longer you may need a Visa.

Yes, we have an application process to make sure the retreat will be a great fit for you and your goals. All you need to do it click here to apply. When you apply to attend the retreat there is no obligation to register to attend it is simply a getting to know you Q&A session.

Meet your teacher and coach, over the course of the entire week

Jodie Nevid (Co-founder of The 7 Effect), Speaker, Business Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Practicing Yogi, & Global Adventurer.


Inspired by her entrepreneurial grandparents Jodie’s #1 goal has always been to be financially FREE! Free to travel the world, follow her heart and live a great life doing what she loves. And as a rebellious serial entrepreneur, Jodie has spent the best part of her life doing exactly that.

However, in her mid 30’s, after a relationship breakdown, Jodie felt like she lost her freedom. Broken hearted and bitter and twisted, for the first time in her life she had to go and get a ‘real job’. Much to her surprise Jodie, landed in the corporate world as a leadership educator, coach and consultant.

During her 7 year stint in the corporate world Jodie threw herself into her work at the expense of her personal goals. No longer revelling in that feeling of freedom, most days Jodie felt trapped. Pretty soon she became a stressed out single mum who worked like crazy during the week and partied like a wild thing on the weekends.

Then she woke up!

In a moment of awakening Jodie realised that she was so bogged down in survival mode that she’d completely lost sight of her own goals and living the life she had always dreamed of. That’s when she decided to take action and make a change. She started a Goals Club in 2009 and began to do the work on herself, then in 2014 she decided it was time to break free once again, and so The 7 Effect was born.

Today Jodie works as a business coach and life design traveling the world, and learning from the masters, she does the work on herself and she shares her learnings and experiences with her clients to educate and inspire them to live life by design and find their own path to freedom!

Jodie’s work and The 7 Effect programs are described by clients as the wake up call they needed because they are real, relevant and profoundly effective.

"I was lucky enough to have Jodie Nevid as a coach, her knowledge and understanding was outstanding and I cannot thank her enough for the guidance she provided. So, the short answer is your people!"

Kevin Armstrong

"As a coach Jodie helped me to uncover my values and un-tap some of my inner strengths that I did not know were there. She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. Jodie shares through life experience so you trust that she is not preaching theoretically (i.e. from a text book) but from practical application. She makes sense and does not use industry jargon, making her easy to relate to. The tools and templates Jodie uses have increased my confidence and given me the jump start I needed to make some improvements with clear direction as I look at my situation a little differently."


"The course I attended with Jodie has certainly been life changing and the night we finished the course I gave up smoking!  At my 3-month anniversary I saved almost $1200!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration you “ooze” from every pore of your being Jodie!"


"I attended a fabulous workshop at Adelaide Uni with Jodie. I have to say, it was life changing and, as always, popped up at the perfect time, so thank you! Isn't the universe a great place to hang out!! Jodie your energy and commitment to the group was really amazing and we all got so much more out of it as a result. Yay for you! It feels great to have completed and achieved some of my goals."

Jen Hill

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