Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery


The Freedom You Want - Doing Work You Love

Lifestyle Business Builder is an intensive mastermind and coaching program for people who want to build a profitable 6 figure lifestyle business as a transformational coach, consultant, or expert in absolutely any industry niche.

We give you the exact same steps and business building formula we used to create a multiple 6 figure business whilst working 3 days a week, 10 months of the year.

Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery is a proven success formula, that when applied, will help you design, launch, and grow any service or knowledge-based business.

If you want to earn a 6 figure income, doing work you love, whilst working part time then the Lifestyle Business Builder is exactly what you need.

Get the life you want in a Lifestyle Business designed by YOU for YOU!

What is Lifestyle Business Builder?

It's a 12-month mastermind and coaching program that will teach you how to design and launch your own lifestyle business where you will do great work as a transformational coach, consultant, expert advisor in absolutely any industry niche.

What is a Lifestyle Business?

A lifestyle business is a business designed to fit around YOU and your lifestyle.

Bloomberg reports that 80% of start-up entrepreneurs fail in their first 18 months, and of the 20% that survive many find themselves working long hours, for little pay, and having even less free time than when they were working full time for someone else!

Lifestyle Business Builder teaches you how to be part of the 20% that succeed and ensure your success doesn't cost you your life.

We teach you how to design a business that gives you the freedom and the lifestyle you want, and because you're building a knowledge and service based business you don't need a heap of capital to get started.

No expensive overheads, no staff costs, and no product or holding costs.

You simply package up your skills, knowledge, and experience into high-value products and services allowing you to earn the income you need, whilst working the hours you want.

What does the Lifestyle Business Builder Program include?

An Online Curriculum Covering 8 Modules:

Module 1

Identifying Your Vision for Life & Business

Module 2

Building Beliefs & Developing a Success Mindset

Module 3

Designing and Creating High-Value Products & Services

Module 4

The Art of Transformational Coaching & Consulting

Module 5

Engaging Your Perfect Clients with Attraction Marketing Strategies

Module 6

Setting Up Business with Simple Structures (online and off)

Module 7

How to Simplify Your World With Systems & Automation

Module 8

Building a Highly Engaged Community of Partners, Clients & Advocates

Your online library also includes our complete coaching and consulting toolkit in a downloadable format to use in your own practice.

Life Time Access to the Online Curriculum and Tool Kit is valued at = $3,500

An Entire Year of Live Weekly Coaching

Every week you have access to a 2-hour group coaching and strategy session. This is where you get live and specific support to work through your own unique situation and business needs. The group coaching sessions are also recorded and stored in your online library for later reference. Dial in and get stuff done on a weekly basis for an entire year!

12 Months of Live Weekly Coaching is valued at = $25,000

24/7 Support in the Online Mastermind Forum

Missed a coaching call or just have a pressing question you need a quick answer to?  The private LBB Mastermind forum gives you 24/7 access to a national community of growing lifestyle business owners, coaches, consultants and experts.

Post your question and get the feedback and answers you need almost instantly!

Life Time Access to the Online Mastermind Forum is valued at = $5,000

Total Value of the Life by Design Mastery Program = $33,500

Most mastermind programs that include this type of regular personal support, and coaching are priced anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000 per year, and that's not including the online video program and tool kit. 

We know those prices are crazy, and inaccessible for most. That's why we’ve come up with two different packages to make Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery absolutely affordable and accessible to anyone who is serious about building a profitable and successful lifestyle business.


Choose the package best suited to you!




  • Lifetime access to the online Lifestyle Business Builder program.
  • 24/7 coaching and support in the private Mastermind group.
  • 8 months of group coaching every week.
  • Monthly video challenge to expand your knowledge and develop your video production skills.
  • The Ultimate Lifestyle Business Building planning systems and templates.
  • Entire The 7 Effect Life Design Coaching Tool Kit.
  • Lifetime access to all bonus modules, special guest interviews and special guest coaching sessions.



OR 12 PAYMENTS OF $1,000

Everything included in Mastermind plus:

  • 6 x 2-hour private coaching and strategy sessions with Jodie to bust beliefs, clarify vision and implement action and accountability.
  • 2 x 2-hour private coaching and strategy sessions with Amy to build your online marketing system and automated systems.



OR 12 PAYMENTS OF $2,000

Everything included in Private One on One plus:

  • 2 Day Open Masterclass in February or March to build and launch your business to the public.
  • 6 full day skills development and business building workshops throughout the year.
  • 2 Day Celebration Masterclass in November or December to celebrate, reflect and reset for the next level of business growth.
  • The 7 Effect Goals Club and Life Design business plan which when implemented is designed to earn you 6 figures a year working 3 days a week as a business blue print.
  • Certified accreditation as a The 7 Effect Life Design Coach and Goals Club Facilitator (subject to completion of all assignments and work required).
  • Promotion and positioning as one of the team into The 7 Effect community as an accredited The 7 Effect Coach and Facilitator (subject to completion of all assignments and accreditation work required).
  • Licence to operate as a The 7 Effect Life Design Coach & Goals Club Facilitator (subject to completion of all assignments and accreditation work required).
  • 12 months unlimited direct support from Jodie and Amy, the founders of The 7 Effect to ensure you succeed!


*IMPORTANT NOTE – Because quality matters greatly to us, and our clients you MUST successfully complete all program assessments and pass the test to become an accredited 7 Effect Coach and Goals Club facilitator.  Paying for the upgrade DOES NOT guarantee your success, success is only guaranteed with your commitment to do the work.

The value of the accreditation upgrade puts you in front of our clients as part of our team.  Your successful completion gives you licence to do what we do and use our intellectual property to build your own brand and practice. Licencing agreements and accreditation programs like this can sell for anything between $10,000 and $100,000. 

As soon as you enroll and make payment you can begin right away.

There’s no better time than NOW to start designing your future!

Lifestyle Business Builder Mastery gives you access to absolutely everything we've done, a step by step approach to building out your ideal lifestyle business and all the tools templates and processes you need get the same results in your own business and life!

You get our entire toolkit, templates and everything we have used to build our business and if you complete the accreditation you can use our tools with our branding and work as part of The 7 Effect team.

(Remember you must pass the certification program to qualify for the accreditation)

"LBB has honed my focus on improving so many aspects of my life! The 1:1 coaching is something I have found extremely valuable. Amy and Jodie encourage, nurture and guide me/us to get the utmost best results in life and business!"

Sue McClure

"I have just got to say that this program is an absolute life changer! I am so excited about all the exciting things to come."

Lara Jones
Lara Jones Coaching

"Experience is the best teacher, but it comes too slow, so I went shopping for coaches to gain experience fast! I knew it would never happen on my own so I joined Jodie & Amy. My ideas and experience were all in my head, and I just needed to “get it onto paper “ and into a plan! I’ve achieved so much, I already have clients, and I’m not even finished the programme yet!!"

Sue Rusalen
Dental Practice Profit

"OMG, had my session with Jodie & Amy today & I am pumped. I have a vision & I can see it, it's all aboard the "Hot Tomale Train" still some work to do, to bring Adelante Learning Solutions to life, it is going to be exciting. "

Annette Wright
Adelante Learning Solutions

"I love the way Amy explains things, nothing is taken for granted, and not only do you tell, you also show how to do it, so we totally get the hang of it.....and then you give tips and advice to ensure we get the structure right from the start. thank you"